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About me

I am Thomas Russell. I grew up on a family farm just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  We raised beef cattle and goats. I spent over a decade contributing to our family farm.  I started to become more fascinated with the lifestyle, especially taking care of the animals. From building structures for them to just simply doing the feeding chores. 


In 2019, I decided it was time to venture off on my own journey. That is when I found my home in Salem, IN. I had no idea where to even begin so I started to foster/raise livestock. My first step into something more permanent was hogs. My intention was to have a heritage breed that was hardy and grazed/forage for their main source of nourishment. I thought I would sell piglets, but I fell into the demand of finishing hogs for clients under contract. Providing a farm to table lifestyle that is budget friendly for my neighbors was a different type of reward.  


In late 2020 I was ready to start with goats. I played around with different breeds. Eventually, Myotonic and Nigerian caught my heart. Since then, I have been trying to breed a goat that was small in stature like the Nigerian, but also still possessed the “fainting” characteristic of a Myotonic. During my selective breeding I noticed my neighbors had questions or would request help with maintaining their goats. So, I offered my services or showed them how to maintain goat health. Through word of mouth, I quickly learned there was a need for services.  


In 2021-2022 I started to raise and finish cattle for neighbors and myself. My little farm was complete, or that is how it felt. I was asked by a client if I wanted to adopt a miniature donkey and a pony and of course I did. Like anything else I quickly fell in love. So here we are with miniature donkeys and ponies running around .   


Today,  I am visiting farms and connecting with similar minded people. Much to my surprise I felt enjoyment from connecting with people. Gaining and sharing knowledge has become a highlight of this experience.  



“To treat every farm/client like that of a neighbor, to pass on knowledge and continue to obtain knowledge, to enrich every farm I go to and to build a sustainable lifestyle I can pass on to my kids”. 

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